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Supernaturally Healthy!

Where supernatural health for your mind, body & spirit begins!

Hi Joanna - I just wanted to take some time to thank you as well as give God some praise!!

Tomorrow with mark one month since Caroline and I came to your house for an informational/nutritional counseling session.

I set up the appointment so Caroline could meet with you while she was home on winter break but I think God had other plans ~ plans that were for me. Plans for me to learn and plans for me to finally listen.

As you know, I've had a crazy addiction to Diet Pepsi for 15+ years and while I've heard you talk many times about aspartame, how drinking diet drinks was like drinking formaldehyde and the many dangers of it, I still continued to drink it!

Well, after that particular session with you as well as the mighty prayer you prayed over me, I'm happy to say that I've been diet soda free for one month!! Praise God for that as well all of the other changes that you've helped me make.

Since then, I've purchased nothing but organic fruits and veggies, been drinking Bragg's vinegar daily, been using Celtic Sea Salt and the Garden of Life Coconut Oil for many many things and started drinking water ~ just to name a few.

These changes have led to several, I feel a lot better and have more energy, two, my parents have started to convert over and make better choices as well (which makes me very happy) and three, I believe God's timing is so perfect that this foundation helped prepare me for the 21 day fast the church has now called us to do.

I thank you Joanna for many things......I thank you for sharing your gift, I thank you for always being available to answer any questions and I thank you for caring about God's people like you do.

Much love to you, my Sister in Christ!!

~ Linda Hayes 2/9/2014

"I am giving up artificial sweeteners..."

Amy Walker Collier~ I am giving up artificial sweeteners and switching to raw honey. Thanks for coming to New Life Community Church, Jim and Joanna!"

" Wow! Joanna, the Garay family just had the smoothie you and your husband made for us this past saturday at the DWD Conference and it was GREAT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will continue on our healthy eating by using your cookbook. Thanks again! Lots of love," ~ Apostle Fernando, Hazael, Lily, Fernando Jr., and Ana.

TESTIMONY of Deliverance from Diet Sodas~ by Debbie Hester: " I always thought I was doing well for my body and being healthy by drinking diet sodas. I have been drinking diet sodas for over twenty years. I attended the Super- Naturally Healthy Families presentation conducted by Joanna Faillace on March 6th at New Life Community Church in Louisa, VA. I found out different that day with God’s guidance through his servant, Joanna. Joanna presented her Super-Naturally Healthy Ministry by talking about how we can make our bodies healthy and strong as well as our families by using the whole foods God created. Many of the foods that we eat/drink today are made with preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, etc. that is not good for us. She reminded us that our bodies are God’s temple. Wow, I thought with what Joanna was presenting and my habits that God was speaking directly to me! Then as she was making her Powerhouse Smoothie she exclaimed that diet sodas were not good for us. Definitely then I saw a red flag that God was laying this on my heart. Joanna explained with the ingredients that are in diet sodas our bodies break them down into formaldehyde. It was sickening when I heard that. To think what I have been doing to my body for so long. I had the urge to change and decided I wanted to do something about it. After her presentation and the wonderful luncheon all with the whole organic foods I was able to speak with Joanna personally. I told her about my diet soda addiction and how long I had been drinking them. She asked me if it was my wish to stop drinking them. I explained that after hearing her presentation that it was my desire to stop drinking diet sodas. She prayed with me and asked for God to deliver me from this addiction and to take away any cravings I would have for them. I really felt in my heart God’s deliverance from this addiction. To God’s glory I have not had any diet sodas since that day and do not have cravings for them! Hallelujah! Praise God! The first week without diet drinks was extremely hard on my body as I was going through withdrawals from not drinking them. I felt tired and really was feeling I needed the caffeine that I had been getting from them. I was determined not to turn back into that addiction and have been drinking primarily water and some unsweetened tea since that day. I feel much better now! To God be the Glory for using Joanna’s Super-Naturally Healthy Ministry in breaking my bondage of the diet soda addiction." Testimony by: Deborah Hester 4/8/2010

" I had an awesome time at the conference. Sister Joanna, you are a blessing. I thank God for you and your you much."~ Renee Bishop, Divine Women of Destiny Conference guest 10/1/11

Sheila W: I have a number of serious conditions and was given 1 year to live, which I passed in July, and will 20 more years if the Lord still has work for me to do here...I thank you so much for your wise answer."

"Joanna Faillace has compiled an excellent collection of nutritious, creative recipes that emphasize whole foods and organic ingredients. In Super-Naturally Healthy Families, she proves it is possible to tempt fussy kids and adults alike with foods that are healthy and delicious. From easy to prepare Caribbean Fruit Kebabs to Turkey Divine, Joanna shows how to raise strong and healthy families with the best foods from God's bounty." ~ Jordan Rubin, America's Natural Health Expert, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Maker's Diet, CEO and Founder of Garden of Life Nutritionals

"God-powered, wisdom-based book"

Suellen Roberts, Founder and President, Women in Christian Media, Dallas, TX: "Joanna has written a God-powered, wisdom-based book...Her recipes are built with simple, preferably organic ingredients that produce fantastic and delicious meals. Thank you, Joanna."

"Truly a God-inspired book"

Isaac Hernandez, Senior Programmer, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Costa Mesa, CA :"In a time when the overall health of our families is declining at an alarming rate, it's great to see a book such as Super-Naturally Healthy Families! I believe Joanna has captured the truth about how God wants us to raise our families in a healthy way and put it to print. This is truly a God-inspired book."

"What the Great Physician orders"

Thelma Wells D.D., Founder & CEO, A Woman of God Ministries, Author/Speaker, Dallas, TX: "Joanna's recipes are what the Great Physician orders...I've been waiting for an easy cookbook of recipes that are good for the healing of the body. Here it is! Thanks for writing this book to glorify God and edify man."

"Such an added blessing to the Smile of a Child Network"

Brenda Rossman, Programming Director, Smile of a Child Network, Trinity Broadcasting Networ, Tustin, CA: "Super-Naturally Healthy Kids! has been such an added blessing to the Smile of a Child Network. Showing kids how to eat healthier in a fun way is so crucial in today's world of tempting, unhealthy fast foods that are so easily available and convenient. I am so greatful to have these segments as Joanna encourages and inspires a new generation for a healthy, prosperous life."